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Medical Care

Ouite important malaria prophylaxis. We decide definitely against Lariam. The side effects are very strong, the resistance is high and it isnīt accordable with diving. So we choose Malarone .And it is really good compliant. Intake of one pill one day bevor departure, than daily taking until one week after the journey. We thought about Doxycycline , but there is the possibility to react to the sun, so we decide against it.

You schouldnīt take medicine against it from Europe, Current medizine provoke often opstipation and it agarvate the situation. Nausea and diarrhoea are provoke by bacteria and youīll get the right medicine locally.
We inoculate against yellow feaver , it is not necessary in Kenya. But you are not allowed to re-enter from Tanzania. An the boarder is quite near.

The normal first-aid kit, somthing against itching and plates, against headache and sun burn :O) We made a contract with the Flying Doctor Service (http://www.amref.org) during the journey.

The hotel cooperate with a practice medicine (Doctor Kodak).

Credit Cards are accepted, and in Diani Beach you find a Barcleyīs Bank, where you can get money (Kenia Shilling) from the ATM with a Maestro-EC-Card. There is also an acceptable course at the hotel where you can change Dollar and Euro (just for the first days).

You read often that it is chilly at the evening, no it isnīt!! At the coast it is hot and damp. Even in the Evening. During the rain season you schould have a thin but effective jacket. On safari it is either fresh than cold. But I canīt tell you about temperatures at Amboseli or Massai Mara.

During Safari you schould wear stable but comfortable shoes. At the beach you need bathing shoes.



The power outlets donīt go with our Adapters. We donīt know why, but you need something great with three connectors. At the bathroom was one power outlet for shaver for charging Handy and Camera.