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This website is supposed to show our experiences with Kenia in May 2006. While there are pictures and stories on our homepage, we here want to concentrate on the topic “Safari” and other trips.

And this is why:

At the start of the year we were brooding over where to spend our holiday and ended up booking Tiwi Beach (Urkunda) in Kenia, the East Cost of Africa. Needless to say we also wanted to see more of the country and wild life, and not only the under water life. Having a look around we came across a couple of comments by Kenpal Tours, a local provider (kenpal@mail.com). Even the first contact was surprisingly positive. Due to the overallweather conditions we were advised against the more expensive offer and recommended to go for the more reasonable one which meant less travelling and more time to spend in places.
In the end we decided for a three days safari.

Once we were there we had another strange experience. One of the tourist guides (he later on said that he was only replacing a colleague in Kenia) told us about all the terrible local providers, problems with the insurances and so on. But themselves they
were having great offers, naturally. But he couldn`t even tell us where there were restaurants within the resort. One was also suggested to book exclusive tours with him after the event (where were the elder ladies with their rheumatism?).

After a couple of years of travelling experience I (me, Ralf) was always lucky trusting local providers, which could also have to do with the better accessibility for divers.

Just a short summery: The service was really good and that story about the insurance just a lie. The tourist guide himself is only the mediator and not responsible.

In the end we decided to put all the positive experiences onto an informative Internetsite.