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Big and small providers....so what??!!

We will compare both sides because it seams important for us. We book the journey by Neckermann and we decide against booking the trips there too. And the decision was quite right!! We should mention that we travel at low season. And what we tell you here is just our opinion and you have to build you your own ;O)


Big Small
+ booking at the hotel + Individual wishes could be accomplished
+ convenient , everything in one hand -you have to attend by yourself
+ attends the need for security - you donīt know what youīll get
- there could be too many peolpe (7-9) in the bus, but the price is he same. And you canīt choose your accompaniment!! + you can choose if you wanīt to stay alone or you make the trips with some new friends!!
- The quorum of people bevor they make a tour + just two even in mai season
- it could be too expensive, because you also have to pay the provision + significant cheeper without paying someones provision
- they usually act as an agent rather an operator so they don’t know much about possibilities or problems + your wishes will be mostly fulfilled
- is feedback really important for him?? No , he is just interested when there are to many afflictions. + they depend on good feedback
- The trips are scheduled on appointed days + trips are scheduled on agreement